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Aiming For…


Haven’t settled on what to call this one, but I feel hopeful when I look at it and that means enough.


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Burning Star

20170929_151833 2 FINAL

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October 28, 2017 · 4:21 pm

Keep Your Eyes Peeled


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September 5, 2016 · 8:52 pm




July 17, 2016 · 7:27 am

The Ocean


I just felt like painting a land/seascape. I’m supposed to be on a trip to Maine in September and maybe I’ll get to see something like it up there… Life is up and down, always and always. I’m not fighting it anymore.


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The Hunter…


This is a portrait collage using pastel, paint, fabric scraps, fringe, sheet music, mirror shards and paper clippings. Family was in town and we decided to have a “craft day”. I started this not knowing the mess it would become, but I had fun…lol

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I have a calendar with different images of sugar skulls (like those from Day of the Dead celebrations). I just wanted to try my own. I traced my own drawing of the skull so I could repeat the shape and create a different decoration in the future if I want to do another one sometime. Was fun :)

Survived the first week, but Friday was my first full day with my trainer. Already I was losing patience with myself for how confusing the computer work is to me. It will take some time and the wait for understanding will be the most difficult part…I’m good though. What’s meant to happen will be on it’s way regardless. I’m open and welcoming.

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