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Another painting, watercolor, from a photo I took some years ago. I don’t know why I ended up painting the flowers red and purple. When I started them, the photo wasn’t in front of me, but I thought I remembered it right…lol


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Not exact, but fun to paint anyway. I’ve decided to try painting from a few photos I’ve taken just as a different exercise. I’ve also gotten my watercolors out again. In between interviews and phone screenings, I’m hanging onto my soul a little bit for the moments taken to paint or play my piano. The free time is never wasted.


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The sketch of this was posted some weeks ago. Finally got it out of the way and I’ll be looking for a frame for it now to hopefully take it with me to the art walk. I’ll have a bit of a flower theme going on I think since several other pieces are also blooms.

I’m getting a little nervous now, too. My mother and I both have invited people and I have two so far who have confirmed days they’ll stop by. Nothing will be as it’s been planned in my head to obsess over, and the very fact others are interested is more than enough for me. But I have thoughts here and there about not being/having enough or being far less than impressive some how. Silly things to waste mental energy on, I know, especially with the class I’m so absorbed with. I just hope everything goes smoothly. Being a first time participant is what’s getting me I think.  Being new has always been difficult for me to cope with…lol

Today was a rough day. Nothing went right from the moment I got up, but at least it was warm outside, and not raining. I framed some more paintings, played a new song on my piano that worked out well…Nothing more I need.

The song below is new and one I had fun putting together:


This voice is still a child.
This soul loses itself amid the
Myriad shades of gray.
Here and there, creates a face,

And begs the god she’s found her place.

To settle in as human.
To rest – content to stay.
Nothing would mean more
If not so soon she’s run away.



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To Be.

The most recent watercolor. Working on control.

I’ve added a new page above for my other music recordings where the covers and new/old piano clips are kept. Too much is going on to even gather words for an update that would make sense right now, so onto the next…


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As Above…

“I carry the sky”

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Of the Gardens

Glenwood Gardens, spring 2013– Photos I took about a month ago, just as the warm weather was returning with leaves opening to the sun. It was also the day a random stranger- an art photographer walking that day- asked me to pose for his collection. The lavender shaded trees at the end of this slide were near the site he chose for my photo. It was very beautiful that day.

I’ve made it through my first week on my new job. I like the work I’m doing, how I’m mainly responsible for my own tasks and have no one else’s judgment to worry about or rely on. I had a difficult first few days during training, but more due to the crisis I was having emotionally. I underestimated how much the stress of this change would overwhelm me. I’m grateful I had an appointment with my doctor before I made any decisions. He gave me another medication that is working very well, and what we discussed made a mark in mind that I hope to talk further about in two weeks time.

I won’t be the one to say things are finally looking up and all will be well, but I got through the first week. That is more than enough for now.


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Bring May flowers…

My second completed piece after that long break away from painting. This was totally unplanned/without a sketch. An early mother’s day gift. She still remembers me painting flowers a lot when I was younger and I thought it would be interesting to see what such a painting would turn out as today the person I am now.

I’ve had a great day. A great few days actually and I am grateful.


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