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Lost In Paradise piano clip

Just part of the acoustic arrangement for the song Lost In Paradise. I was excited I actually put together something by ear for the most part (I’ve found no complete sheets for the acoustic version I wanted, so I did what I could).



April 3, 2013 · 8:38 pm

Say it’s over…

Drawn From the Darkness

The painting here started out as just a portrait referencing a cool photo (an Amy Lee stage pic), but the more I worked on it the more I saw the sky/cloud background as necessary–something I had to see through.

Today I went to therapy and spilled most of what’s been going on. We talked and I left feeling as if he’s taken my hand and led me at least several steps away from the edge. I’m considering a trip on my own somewhere, and with the money I’ve saved it’s all at my say as to when.

The clip below is a partial piano cover of a song called “The Change”. I just love the lyrics and wanted to express them in my own way.


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“If I never turn, I will never grow.”

After All I’ve Seen…


Here is a piano cover of a song I love listening to. It’s by Fallulah called “Give Us A Little Love”. I tried it one day just hoping to feel better.

I’ll be scheduling an appointment next week. Over a month since the last therapy session, things have not gotten better as I thought they would by now. Maybe nothing is working or will work. I’m stuck like this just until. What’s worse is I just have to be okay with that. Survive and pretend there is no other choice.



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Back again for more…

Just a sketch. Below is a partial cover of “All the Rowboats” by Regina Spektor I did one day for fun/to warm up my voice for something else I’ve been recording. That song-as with most of her songs- just makes me smile. I love her lyrics.

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You’ve watched.

The Ruining

Last chance
Abstracted from what kept it alive

I accede to the broken tune

The death I carry is as if I walk
With a grave stone planted
At the back of my skull

Fear – again – is accepted
As reason and rule

Victim’s eyes were taken to
Set free the soul of mirror

Shards lodged into mine at my glance
All the while a gun was placed
Right there in your hands…

All hidden beginnings
Have led the same end
You’ve watched and
You’ve let me happen


Never drawing, older poem. I don’t know how I made it through this week. Everyday that passed it never got better–the heaviness never lifted.

Taking my thoughts back to the last time I did something for fun, here is a link to a piano cover I did for “Tourniquet”. It sucks of course, but fun to sing anyway. Everything from the 2 minute mark and after is all I care for really, totally improvised:


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