Friendless; no attachments

I’ve been scarred from the worst of rejection.

I was patient for time, for life to kill

But I’ve grown tired of the wait


Enwrapped by a cold indifference

I’ve found more worth within carelessness

From this world, I want to go

The story pieced within my reasons

Gone is the purpose abundant in hope

It has been this way too long


It is a shame; there never was good advice

Only useless words from the most unwise

I welcomed some end to that noise

Finally still, I’m secure in my choice

The rest of me will rot from the numb

Content with every wrong I have done

I will go


I failed at my days and years built with life

Time will be taken to plan my last night

When tears to the past will blend with blood

When dark will be all who leaves me love

When I will hear a last sad song

And fulfill a final wish

To die in the length of its saddest note

And let go


One response to “Solitary

  1. p1x1

    You are very talented.

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