Follow me into my shadows
These ghosts you’ve never seen
Fearful tears, future nightmares
These memories that weep…

They glide above one hidden path
Forever lost their way
The dark sky holds their dimming hope
A streak of distant gray

Far echoes of laughter and pain
All that’s been forgotten
A loss of peace, their desperate reach
The final dream has fallen

A river runs of poisoned blood
It’s deep, enticing glow
Beneath they’re found, an endless drown
The fools that can’t let go

Stand still and breathe the frozen wind
Secrets, whispered despair
Your heavy heart, as we depart
With thoughts you cannot bear

You’ve seen all I cannot confess
Claimed half of what I feel
My guilt and shame flow through your veins
My maladies, you heal.


One response to “Ghosts

  1. you have great blog here the poetry is extremely good i have enjoyed everything i have read so far keep up the good work on here from kevin.

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