Possessed by calm as the yard appears

My thoughts converse soft with imaginary fears

Above, an air within the breath of peace

Memories to hover the graves beneath

The arms of trees that sway in the wind,

Here, gates for the spirits, opened


Wise ripple of water, slow motion in air

The quiet truths understood from despair

Brief years, from eternity are worn

A comforting cold found within warmth

Among the dead, silence so alive…..

A hushed message beyond this time


Below the mist against deep, aged gray,

The soul’s conveyance lain in decay

Returns to earth the tired flesh

A meaning for all that is meaningless

My sad in beginnings and promise of end

Death, the contentment in mind it gives


A real mystery the past could never hide

Unbelieving tears never make it a lie

Events of peace and tragedy

Lives trapped on exhale. There’s no escaping

The resolve that cuts between wrong and right

Engraved behind every hearts delicate life




4 responses to “Cemetery

  1. p1x1

    Mournfully beautiful…

  2. This is beautiful, I like the lines below in particular:

    “Returns to earth the tired flesh
    A meaning for all that is meaningless”

  3. Miki

    You have a writing brilliance that I haven’t seen before. You’re words are addicting. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Franchesca

    Beautiful and well written…

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