My name is Allyson. As of October 25, 2015– I’m 26 years old.

Mainly just sharing my art/music, some photographs and a lot of writing. Things that come from dealing with social anxiety and depression (especially). In and out of therapy over the years, I often wonder how far I’ll get because of it all, but this blog is just another way to try and cope.

Thanks for checking in/stopping by…



18 responses to “About

  1. p1x1

    I’m listening. Thank you. We have the same theme – Chaotic Soul. I think you might be my mirror image…

  2. I am sure you will overcome the challenges you are facing…nice blog :)

  3. I like the way your site looks. I’m using the same theme, too.


  4. ADD Mama

    i too have social anxiety. i enjoyed alcohol a little too much during my college days because it just helped me relax and feel confident. I’m not saying to do that, but I’ve tried now to start eating better, less sugar and refined carbs and excersize often – seems to help tire me out enough that I’m not so anxious.

    In some ways my anxiety has gotten better as i’ve gotten older. I think i’ve started developing a “who gives a sh–” attitude. But, it was really bad in high school and college.

    Hang in there – keep trying new things, cognitive behavior therapy could do wonders too.

  5. mikewalzman

    Im with ADD Mama…for me it was practicing talking to people whenever possible, grocery store, gas station, etc. Where ever I can strike a conversation, I do it. Just as simple as, how are you doing today? I wish you the best and I love your honesty.

  6. You are an amazing artist… I hope to read your blog more often…

  7. use not your social anxiety as a reason not to endure, rather as a reason to persevere.

  8. Ashes: depression & social anxiety, dark angels, indeed. I suspect your wings are stronger…. RT

  9. are u doing ok? comment on my blog to start a communication with me if u need someone to talk to that can relate to some of your stuff. i didnt see an email here to contact u directly. after reading ur last post, i want to help you if possible….i been dere, trust me.

  10. cece9511

    Very nice work on everything!!!! My son is a self taught musician, writer, and artist here in Cincinnati. He uses these talents to help cope as you do. The ability to create is so healing. The ability to reach out and share with others is another gift. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to share your site with others. Inspirational.

  11. Doug

    Psalms 1:1 really helped me to not worry about the opinions of others that don’t have my best interest at heart. I wish you well, and God bless you. I love your artwork.

  12. ziggz

    Smile…. your gifted.. I understand…. your angel is breathing and alive. you’re here sharing and being you. That is all God wants, a honest you. You know this well. I hear it, I have read it in your journal. Your lovely… Keep sharing your sorrow, but remember to share your angel’s light, too. The ying, the yang is a tough balance. Your lovely, your beautiful… with love from another soul… ziggz

  13. I tripped over your blog and browsed around a bit. I absolutely love your art. I’m glad your depression and anxiety helps to spawn artistic creation for you, rather than to thwart it the way it does for me. When my depression gets bad enough (as it is now), I’m completely debilitated and can’t write worth a damn. Your blog is sadly beautiful but also inspiring.

  14. Ha, perhaps should have read this earlier. So you know, what I was talking about. Have a nice weekend.

  15. your work is amazing! PedroL

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