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This year’s gift…



This year’s mother’s day gift I worked on– a painted heart she can put up and hopefully find some escape in. On the back I wrote “This world, so in need of your kind. My thank you will never be enough. I’m grateful will never mean it all.” These are lines from two special poems I wrote at a time when she helped me through a particularly dark time when she was going through so much herself. She is more than I deserve.



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Just a little song…

Recorded just this past winter. I finally have the nerve to share. Despite the subject matter of the lyrics here, I’m doing okay. Beginning the second week as a “Coding Specialist”…lol I have to get used to that title being one I can now claim. If I get the hang of my duties, I’ll be able to work half day on Fridays, leaving time to record new music. So glad of it…


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