This is my first portrait in a long while…since I completed my mother’s back in 2014 I think. It actually reminds me of how I feel right now. My last day of work/overtime was today. April 25th I begin again somewhere new, better pay, and I pray a better atmosphere and group of personalities. I’m just worried is all. What will disappoint me first and then the most? Will I be as isolated as I fear? I just don’t want to fall so awfully this time. Starting over can be so terrible sometimes.



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2 responses to “Contemplation

  1. This is a fantastic portrait, Allyson! So very expressive. Very best in your new endeavor.

    • You don’t know how relieved i feel for having read your comment, Elena…lol Thank you. I’d taken such a long break from portraits I was ashamed thinking I’d lost my was from lack of practice. I won’t let it get that way again though. No way…lol

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