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A little music.

This one was fun to arrange. It may not sound as if I’m playing very fast, but it’s a faster pace than I normally work with…lol So glad I have a digital keyboard too, for practicing in the evening with my headphones. Really gets me away from it all.


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Another painting, watercolor, from a photo I took some years ago. I don’t know why I ended up painting the flowers red and purple. When I started them, the photo wasn’t in front of me, but I thought I remembered it right…lol


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25210731621_6c0a609698  S6305214 2 Drenched 2

Not exact, but fun to paint anyway. I’ve decided to try painting from a few photos I’ve taken just as a different exercise. I’ve also gotten my watercolors out again. In between interviews and phone screenings, I’m hanging onto my soul a little bit for the moments taken to paint or play my piano. The free time is never wasted.



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