From Back Then

This is one very early drawing. I was really into swirls and thorny vines.

This is the first week in a few where the morning sadness sends me out the door to work in tears. Heading down the driveway with fear and dread as if I’m about to go and face my death. ‘How am I going to get through this?’ in mind.

I’m okay though. Giving in to it. Some things…most things I cannot change and have to hope luck, the right people and the right time comes around. I’ll never know what I really want, but it gets easier when you stop trying to fit where you were never meant to be.

I have vacation days coming up in September. Four days on a Washington D.C tour with relatives and then an extra day to recoup. August has been one bad dream with no real days of rest (I’ve had to work on into my weekends.) Hopefully the rest of the year will ease up…Hopefully I won’t still be working here come next year.


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  1. I like the drawing very much. I’m a fan of vines, and you’ve captured both the beauty and the nature of them very well. September holds some promise, I’m glad:)

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