I got the chance to :)



Last week I went on a short tour in Chicago with my mother & aunt (mom’s birthday weekend), and while the overall trip was a hassle I won’t think back on too kindly, we did get around to make the most of the situation. While at the Navy Pier I sat for an artist to draw a color caricature of me. She took maybe 15 or 20 minutes and the whole time I kept wondering what she was going to focus on to exaggerate. The longer I sat, the shyer I became and I think she caught that perfectly in the eyes…lol Anyway, it was fun and makes me want to learn how to do caricatures. The artist was actually sitting with another to train him, giving advice between moments in her sketch about what she was doing. I tipped her  along with the bill before heading back to the tour group. I’m so glad my mother caught me before I chickened out of sitting for this. I’ll definitely do it again with another artist if ever the opportunity comes again. More Chicago photos are on the way. This week I’ve just been settling back into work and trying to absorb some new changes I’ve discussed with my doctor. I hope we’re onto something good.

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  1. Fun! Sitting for a caricature takes a lighthearted attitude and some bravery for sure! I like the drawing, the artist captured a little worry , but overall a sweet soul:)

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