For her & for him.

Something I painted and gave to my mother.

I have been searching names/numbers of surrounding psychiatrists and psychologists and plan to present them to my doctor with hope he’ll recognize some names and be able to refer me to someone else for treatment. That is if I decide to continue treatment…

The progress, insights and overall feeling of support during the near 5 years I’ve been with this therapist is with me in so much of what I do and why that I’m genuinely fearful that I won’t be able to keep myself encouraged and on my own side the way I am when I have an actual person to connect to- one who’s not afraid to reach out for me where I’ve fallen in. Good luck may not be with me when searching for another provider. I don’t have much faith a good fit will be found soon and I wonder just how much patience is in me to wait for things to fall into place, if ever again. Next Wednesday is my session. He knows this is difficult for me, but I have it in me to make myself clear. I won’t waste time crying about this loss I can’t prevent. He’s done all he can for me and deserves to leave with it safe in mind that I won’t fall apart without him. Even if I don’t believe it myself, I can make him believe it.

Then who knows, maybe it all will work out okay.


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  1. It just may work out ok. These gorgeous colors in the vase above echo that notion.

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