Just in time.

I had my first full blown panic attack on Tuesday. It was right in the middle of a meeting at work. I felt nauseous, knelt on the ground because I would have dropped from the sickness, then out of nowhere my vision starts to close in and my heart begins racing. Gasping for breath and tears streaming- I couldn’t speak or control what was going on. One of my co-workers basically jumped in and helped me get outside for air and gather myself…I could tell afterward that I scared a lot of people and I was embarrassed for the attention, being the one who normally says nothing but hello and goodbye.

It was frightening to me, too. I never knew something like it could come over me so suddenly. I had been upset before the attack but nothing that would indicate it would happen. I’m confused if somehow I induced it or if the whole thing was just going to happen anyway, no matter what was on my mind that day. In any case, I hope it was a one time experience, but we’ll see. Quite a week it has been. I am now writing a short letter to the co-worker who helped me and will give that along with a jewelry piece to her out of gratitude.



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2 responses to “Just in time.

  1. my first major one happened in the middle of a chemistry lab.
    I don’t really know what else to say, except that I sympathize. And I’m glad you had someone there to help out in that moment.

  2. I’ve a loved one who has managed to conquer panic attacks with breathing exercises. But they sure are scary. So very sweet of you to recognize your co-worker with a gift. Silver lining- perhaps you’ve made a friend. Love the painting.

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