The “Unresolved”.

That’s the title of the Fall concert I performed two shows of with the MUSE Cincinnati Women’s choir. We all worked hard toward learning our music and the shows went incredibly well. I felt comfortable up there on the stage risers with the group. I’m grateful I didn’t give up my membership before letting the outcome of the effort come through. I’m slowly getting to know the women I sing with better and becoming more familiar with the inside communication/culture.

I’m still doing the full time thing at Goodwill. I may never again have a job that pertains to any of the education I’ve gotten over the years, and I’m fine with that. As long as I can continue creating and have an outlet to express by, I’ll get by for as long as I’m meant to. Being at a more adequate dosage of medication (200 mg of Imipramine) may be helping this along too, which at least helps put my mind better at ease.

Much more music to follow…


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  1. Congrats on the concerts! Would love to hear the chorus.

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