The first watercolor, or painting at all in weeks. Done in a rush to release some ill energy. I’ve pulled myself together enough in the past week to begin new art projects, all far enough in progress for it to bother me if they aren’t completed.

I also wanted to share a poem/song I finished about two months past now. A piece drawing more on inner strength I guess. Things have been difficult, but it’s never going to be different. Some days that is easier to cope with than others, but I will say blood has yet to be drawn so I’m hanging in here okay.

Settle In Proof

Look up now.
Keep breathing out.
You are fine – all is right.
Be still.
Cold tremble within now be
At your will.

When here, failure at first try will not kill.
Don’t be the weak vessel.
Don’t fear to be filled.
You are not useless or so made thin
To spill at the very least taken sip.
You know how to feel.
Now settle in proof what is real.

The truth will haunt between
Every meaning of might.
You may just fly midway into the fall.
Your quiet whisper might just be
The single heard call.

Seek the change for best,
For only or
Not at all.

I am still in the choir, btw.  Agreeing to commit to all activities MUSE related at least until after the November 22nd concert.


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  1. I love that you are writing, recording, painting and singing! You have to the power to release your truth and beauty like no one else. Keep on!

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