These are a mix of digital camera and cell phone camera photos from the NYC tour I took earlier in September. It was surprisingly stressful for me, but when else would I have been able to get to so many locations in one trip? I had a now or never state of mind and took in as much as I could. My digital camera died on me so the cell phone had to do for the remaining two days of four. My best memories will be from seeing The Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theater. The show was incredible and I’d put up with all the discomfort I experienced much of the time as part of that tour group again if it meant another evening like that one.

I apologize for the some blurry clips. I did my best, but we had to move so fast…lol


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  1. A terrific tour, Allyson! You really did get around the city! I also love NY, but mostly from a distance:) It can be overly stimulating for me-so much happening all at the same time. At least you didn’t have to find a place to park;) Wonderful images despite the camera fizzle-great save!

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