Of wellness.

This is the latest painting I did at the request and as a small tribute to my Great Aunt Francis. She used to be a clinical dietician and has always been mindful of healthy eating habits/exercising. She is nearing her 80’s if not already past it and she is still quite active, participating in walks in several different cities. I shared with her in a letter how much I appreciated the help she gave me several years ago on a high school honors project I ended up doing well on. And I also let her in on the management of my own health (mental) which I’ve never spoken much at all about to extended relatives. She’s inspiring in her own special ways and I wanted to surprise her with this, held within a green painted frame. I’m sure she probably thought when she asked me for a painting, I would kick it to the back of mind, but I let her know I didn’t forget.

Off to NYC tomorrow and into Friday. I’ll be back Tuesday evening. IT certainly helps to say I’m leaving this city after having a very good interview earlier this morning. I’m keeping spirits up.

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