To see about what’s next.

You know I had to just try out the a capella piece I used in my audition with piano sooner or later…lol This recording was spontaneously improvised and was before I made slight changes to the lyrics.

So I went to the new member orientation last weekend and got a better feel for the type of group/organization this choir is. They ask a lot of their members and I’m willing to give what I can in time and volunteering for certain things, as long as I feel like I’m not wasting my energy. I only want to sing and if this weren’t the only women’s choir in the city I could have auditioned for, I would have sought others and continued to look for a good fit for me. But I have to take the opportunities as they come.

I’ve told them I’ll have to miss the first rehearsal due to my NYC trip, so the next event will be a Saturday retreat get together on the 13th at a location I’ve never been to. Once all of this is out of they way, I’ll have to show up every Monday for rehearsal and pray I’m ready for November’s concerts…

Of course, I think of all these demands and wonder if it’s not better to ditch the whole thing and just find a guitarist willing to put up with me to work on material. Maybe even trying out an open mic performance somewhere…Either way, my increased dosage of my meds I hope means I’ll regain the nerve to go beyond my limits. Time is never going to stand still and wait for me.

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