We rise to our feet,
Unfix our eyes from the ground.
Looking up and around –
Reaching with hunger towards the sound.

Reaching with our voices, we call out
And feel the spirit sing.
And by its wondrous song,
Its joy, grace and awe,

Led heavenward,
We spread our wings.

Recorded a bit over two weeks back–when I was so much more optimistic about my chances of auditioning for the women’s choir and using this piece. I’ve been working full time at a job that calls for standing seven hours of my day, then I come home and search for coding/billing jobs (all the new positions I can apply to with my new certification to hopefully help). So I’ve been tired and drained of faith that the choir is the right thing to even look towards now. I do know I’m testing myself in how much more I can tolerate before I feel like I’m losing my grip again. Before I feel like losing my grip is the best and a sought after outcome for how terrible the day to day trying may begin to feel. Somehow everyday I’m showing up. How long it lasts is anyone’s guess.

Below is the piano version I originally paired these lines with.

I apologize for the awful vid quality. My piano doesn’t sound that bad in real time…lol



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2 responses to “Heavenward…

  1. Oh Allyson! Chills! Love the piece, and love the way you sing it! Audition!

    • Hey :) Thank you so much for listening, Elena. The sooner I get to the day, the more fun I hope to have just sharing, even if I don’t make the group.

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