From the gray to black…

A poem I put music to spontaneously one afternoon. The recording below sounds a bit more clean due to a few more practice runs that day. I’m happy with it and wanted to share.

On My Worst Days

All things are given their place.

All people, in all their ways
Slip from the gray to black on
My worst days,
When every shadow has its say.

And feeling will
Share its love for me over fact.
The dark within I’ve
Died to see…

We are never to look back.




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5 responses to “From the gray to black…

  1. You’ve every reason to be happy with this piece!

  2. michael

    I would love to collaborate with you on a song like this one I heard above. Would you mind if I layered something into your music? I followed your link from my name there is averiguar. I really really like what you express and would appreciate an opportunity to help build a song with you. Interested (-not that your music lacks anything, mind you, I think your songs are self-perfect) ?

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