The Wearable Art…

This is part of what I will be sharing next weekend at the show.

Painted pins.

Smaller painted pins.



Crafty pins: buttons / beads / paint /fabric.

My display board for the art walk.

Thursday we set up and Friday at 6pm is the opening night.

I have to admit, I’ve been stressing. I’m probably doing too much for two evenings that may not leave me feeling it was worth all this effort. Old habits and thoughts have been springing up as I hear myself saying ‘it needs to be just right’. I’m a perfectionist and when nothing seems right, something in me would rather destroy all that is than settle with what I can’t control.

So, I’m taking a break the next few days and will make time for my piano and writing again. Preventing a down turn in mood and coping behaviors, I will try to stay ahead of the worse moments.



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2 responses to “The Wearable Art…

  1. FAntastic! I wish you much success this weekend! LOVE these wearables!

  2. oos, NEXT weekend. You’re so prepared that I got ahead of myself;)

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