The sketch of this was posted some weeks ago. Finally got it out of the way and I’ll be looking for a frame for it now to hopefully take it with me to the art walk. I’ll have a bit of a flower theme going on I think since several other pieces are also blooms.

I’m getting a little nervous now, too. My mother and I both have invited people and I have two so far who have confirmed days they’ll stop by. Nothing will be as it’s been planned in my head to obsess over, and the very fact others are interested is more than enough for me. But I have thoughts here and there about not being/having enough or being far less than impressive some how. Silly things to waste mental energy on, I know, especially with the class I’m so absorbed with. I just hope everything goes smoothly. Being a first time participant is what’s getting me I think.  Being new has always been difficult for me to cope with…lol

Today was a rough day. Nothing went right from the moment I got up, but at least it was warm outside, and not raining. I framed some more paintings, played a new song on my piano that worked out well…Nothing more I need.

The song below is new and one I had fun putting together:


This voice is still a child.
This soul loses itself amid the
Myriad shades of gray.
Here and there, creates a face,

And begs the god she’s found her place.

To settle in as human.
To rest – content to stay.
Nothing would mean more
If not so soon she’s run away.



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2 responses to “Emergence

  1. Wow Allyson! So much great work! LOVE the painting, and the song. A little tip about the art walk. Nearly EVERYBODY, no matter how experienced or how cool the exterior, feels a bit daunted when displaying their work. I’ve learned after many many yrs., that the most important thing is that you like the work you made. Stand confidently next to your work. People will take their cues from you:) And, you have every reason to be confident, even if it feels really weird!

    • I am definitely listening, Elena. Thank you so much for your continued encouragement and support. Standing behind the work itself and all that I put into it is all that matters moving forward at this point. I’m glad I didn’t let this event pass by and I can’t wait to share how it goes :) Have a great week.

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