Far From

A recent watercolor using left over color on an old palette. 

I will be starting classes for Medical Coding on the first of April. Taking another chance with school in order to try and get a better job. Even though I have little expectation for the difference it will actually make, I have to do something besides keep myself chained to a miserable dead end job and expect to survive.

In the mean time, art and music will do. I’m loosening up and accepting certain things about myself that I think I’ve been avoiding due to shame and lack of trust. More to discuss in next weeks session…It’s been a very long month away.

The poem below hints at the issue.

Of Faith

They might see and
They may love,
But I will never be quite so sure
The honesty it is made of –

For what then allows my
Shadows to let up?
Can I trust the fill of air
From moments so easy to breathe?
Can I trust the fill of faith
I will be met with all I need?

I’ve worn many faces and not one
Ever taught my soul to dream.
And although I drift among my ghosts,
Their whispers I’ve yet to heed.

Although I drift among my ghosts,
I’m far from all fears and grief.



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7 responses to “Far From

  1. Steven Fox

    This is what I do for a living. If you can get over the awkwardness and we hire again let me know. Only thing is it is night shift.

    • Oh Medical Coding? Yes, I’m hoping this course will help me be better qualified for a variety of other positions. And what awkwardness do you mean?

      • Steven Fox

        Pffft knowing me. Can’t be good. We focus on Podiatrist only. No degree is needed for what I do. It’s simple, no pressure, but obviously that means the pay is less than optimal. Just shoot me an email if you want to know more.

      • Well if the pay is over $8.35 an hour (which is all I make now and not enough to make a living), I’m not turning my back. I’m going to take the exam for certification in Medical Coding as well to get as much out of what I learn as I can this time around. Thank you for the information, Steven.

  2. I always like the idea of more school, more art and more music:) Re:the music and art, your voice feels fuller and even more expressive lately AND I like the texture and dimension of the new piece!

    • *Hugs* Your encouragement means very much, Elena. I’ve been again second guessing my decisions and another voice to help me shut out such thoughts is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your feedback of the music as well. I am trying my best to put those voice lessons to use…lol Have a great weekend.

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