Hanging on.

Watered down acrylics…I was so hesitant with every decision I made for this painting. Normally I would give up and wait until I felt less of a need to control and perfect things, but I needed to show something for my time and kept at it no matter the hours wasted.

This recorded poem song was a surprise. I really enjoyed playing/singing without feeling the distress so intensely shape the outcome. Unlike today where I was left physically and emotionally exhausted, and still didn’t get the result I’d been working for…lol Next time I guess.

When Halfway Up

You don’t leave what you love hanging
Broken on a string.

Hanged and halfway,
Haunting the between gray.

I have sought so many ways
To let you know I’m here.
To see the side you’ve yet to see,
True version of me, clear.

Away from the guarantee that I
Mean to you in need.

The soul I am when risen
Without fear.



Filed under Life

4 responses to “Hanging on.

  1. That painting is so beautiful and so are the lyrics :)

  2. Good thing you kept at it. The painting has the vibrance and immediacy of watercolor. It’s really quite beautiful!

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