First return, a capella.


Dead Season

A leaf,
Crinkled by
Mid-morning January wind.
You feel this as your bit of life
Present within.

So fragile in its grief,
The loneliness of sin…
Thrust into the awfulness of day
Wishing the end might be sooner to come.

To leave the rest behind as ruin.
For too open a mind – so undone,
There was never a faithful dream and
There is no belief in love.

Regular recording:

My voice isn’t as deep as I intended in the video, but the recording is correct.

There’s a lot to tell. Stopping to write it out will come along soon enough. Monday will mark the 6th meeting of 10 for the NAMI peer to peer class. I’m going to miss the group once this is through. Despite how long it’s taken me to relax and speak up around them, I do make the effort.


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6 responses to “First return, a capella.

  1. Wow, your artistry inspires.

    • Thank you for stopping by and taking a look, Elena. You never stop with your art and I want to follow your steps. Nothing else should ever get in the way, especially when there is a love for the work itself.

  2. you are a great visual and musical artist.

    • Thank you for your time, Brian. I really appreciate your feedback. However hopeless it might be, working on art has saved me enough times from myself to never stay away too long. I’m grateful others might take something meaningful away from whatever results. That means very much.

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