Of What Will Be

Below here is the first song I wrote in collaboration with someone. I post new songs every now and then on craigslist with an offer to work with other musicians if a good match comes along. A singer named Dennise (her music and profile: http://www.reverbnation.com/dennisenicholedittman ) responded with a request to record some of my songs along with help writing lyrics. She told me about a family hardship she experienced where her father was diagnosed with cancer and how devastated and scared she was at the time the news was shared. I agreed to write lyrics using the lines she wrote in a draft. A month later I sent her the results which she appeared to be happy with, since the last we spoke.

I was very nervous about attempting to create a song from someone else’s experience, but I ended up really appreciating the challenge. I was able to put myself in her shoes and try to relate those feelings. I originally wrote a full poem then stripped the lines down for lyrics. The first recording was around 7 munutes long and I managed to scale that down to 6:30…lol The longest piece I’ve ever taken time with, but some ideas I didn’t want to cut corners with. Anyway…

Full Song:

Many tears I’ve shed
And now a sense of numb comes over me.
I’m so scared of what will be.
All that I’ve ever been afraid of is coming true.
And as I sit just across from your bed —
As we listen and the awful news is read —
I cannot reach you.
For what has fallen, I cannot break through.

Inside I scream.
A lifetime of memories,
But I need more time…
I am not ready to say goodbye.

The days go on and I don’t know anymore how to be.
And such grief there is, such grief there is…
How do I reach you now?
I cannot bear to let you down.

Show me the way of return
To a time and place I have prayed to see you
Whole once again, in the light of His love.
At peace once again
In our freedom.

How do I reach you now?
I cannot bear to let you down.

I look forward to another opportunity like this one day…



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4 responses to “Of What Will Be

  1. Allyson this is a great idea and I hope this helps her maybe heal a little at least. Having lost my dad two weeks ago I know how hard it is to watch someone you love lose to the effects of illness and disease. Empathy is a gift.

  2. Wonderful! I find that collaboration, when it’s a good fit benefits everybody. And I love the energy and color in your new painting!

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