The Windmill

The Windmill

I wanted to recreate the landscape painting below on the left in watercolor as a new challenge/practice. It’s a small picture I bought from an antique store that caught my eye last summer. I have not painted or drawn a landscape in years and really enjoyed the task.


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6 responses to “The Windmill

  1. This is gorgeous! I love the sky, and the contrast with those red buildings in the background. And the water with the dreamy banks is lovely.
    It’s amazing how close your painting is to the other one, and yet how different, an expressionistic re-imagining. I do hope you will do more :-)

    • Thank you for taking a look at this piece. The original felt so peaceful to look at, I think I hoped to come close to that peace somehow by painting it myself. I greatly appreciate your feedback and hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. I like yours way better, so vivid.

  3. Fine work! I especially love the way you’ve Allysonized it!

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