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A start.

Watercolor, Practice.

Easily one of my strangest paintings. 



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“Tell me what you mean to me.”

Not much to this, but I wrote it one night some time ago. The photos in this clip are from Spring Grove, mainly older ones but I put a couple of the recent pictures near the end. Several more to share soon.

Let Live

See what I see and please
Tell me what I’ve missed.
Tell me what you mean to me.
Tell me what I wish.

Please unseal the silence,
The sacred vow, the secret kiss.
Sun sets…
The moon has risen…

Take leave, lay low
Let live.
Let grieve, let go

Connecting with others is the one battle I don’t think I’m going to win. Maybe I need to accept it is one of those needs that will never be met. Get used to the way trying to stay alive means a continuous hollowing out.

The emptiness is awful.


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To Be.

The most recent watercolor. Working on control.

I’ve added a new page above for my other music recordings where the covers and new/old piano clips are kept. Too much is going on to even gather words for an update that would make sense right now, so onto the next…


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In the eye of…

A watercolor.

A sketch.

A digital variation of an old painting.


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Stop wanting.

“The eye goes blind when it only wants to see why.” -Rumi

“For a while we lived with people,
but we saw no sign in them of the faithfulness we wanted.
It’s better to hide completely within
as water hides in metal,
as fire hides in a rock.”

-Quatrain 1082 by Rumi, Open Secret

This is the first sketch after an unacceptably long break from drawing. One of those days where I could do little more than try showing how I felt, and hope to breathe again when I set my pencil down. The week has been a challenge I did not want to make any more difficult with a fight. Lonesomeness has weighed so heavily in me, I don’t think I deserve worth toward others or that I can belong in the way I’ve hoped. And I know these conclusions mean little. I will put them in a song and keep trying to get over.


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