Look in, look up and look out…

Today I am 24. My older brother called from Florida to wish me a happy birthday this morning, which has never happened. I was brought up not to think of a birthday as a big thing deserving of much acknowledgement at all, so I never expect others to even remember. It’s personal and all I do is reflect on how differently my circumstances are from the year before at this time. Wondering if I’ve done well or worse, if I mean more or mean less to others…I still feel the weight for knowing I used to never think I would have lived on to this point.

Just some thoughts. I’m okay and at peace right now and that means everything I need it to.  Here above is part of an entry from my art journal that I do still add to whenever I think of it. And below is one of the first watercolor practice pieces, weeks old now. I look forward to time soon to work on something more.



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4 responses to “Look in, look up and look out…

  1. Your pieces are truly beautiful thanks for sharing those. I am with you on the birthday-front. I was raised differently but due to depression and anxiety am not really comfortable with being praised for no reason whatsoever. Well affection is a bitch. I am looking forward to your work.
    Stand upright, Jona

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Allyson! Many many creatively fulfilling more!

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