Dreaming of the sky.

Below is a video clip from when this song was still a work in progress (sorry for my volume). I just think spoken, the meaning may be better understood versus how I actually sing the lines. I get the feeling I come across as very confusing and I hope to be clearer moving forward. On My Videos page here there is another clip of this lyric portion a-capella.

And here is the final version with piano…

More Than Willing

Breathless and without motion,
I am taken alive. My head is
Lifted toward the light and
Every inch inside is with a
Dreaming of the sky.

Now there is no such thing as time.
There is no reason to worry and
From nothing must I hide
When this close to the soul,

When this far from the ghost
And all I’ve known of empty,
Living in loss.
This time those awful promises
Bleed of me no cost.
The pain and end to everything
Will not be made my fault.

When this close to soul
The settled path need not show,
A forward wind need not blow
As I’m more than willing to let go.

When this close
I am home.

This poem was written after I thought of how safe and at peace with being alive I felt just walking in the sunshine one afternoon. I miss being able to hold on, to anything safe at all from what my life is. Something is happening and it seems only a matter of time before I split apart.

Things aren’t well, but they never really are so I’m going to stay quiet, try to be mindful and wait it out the best I can.



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2 responses to “Dreaming of the sky.

  1. You’ve a wonderful presence Allyson. I’m happy to hear you speaking and singing your work. In both your expression is glorious.

  2. I feel honored you could share that with me, Elena. Thank you very much for listening. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

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