This & that.

A clip recorded about three weeks ago…I hate it but can’t let myself hide anymore. I just had a nervous moment where my words got lost trying to talk about the crafts I was working on. I’ll try to explain myself better next time, if I can ever get more comfortable speaking in front of the camera.

The shrug below is the first I tried to sew together (the underside is a mess of string…lol). I painted first then tried to shape it as best I could without cutting.

And this is my wall after I redecorated it back in July. The small framed canvas at the center near the top isn’t mine but one I bought for $5 at an antique store that caught my eye.

Probably too much to share at once, but I need a distraction. I’ve been having real distress over what I’m going to do about my future employment, but I had a helpful session today. I need to go in a direction that is a real commitment I don’t easily lose faith in. All options have to be open.



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5 responses to “This & that.

  1. Allyson! You astound me!. You are so very creative. As always, beautiful work. I’m so very pleased that you chose to share it.

    • Thank you for your encouragement, Elena. I don’t keep in mind near enough how important it is to act rather than spending so long on the contemplation. Not everything I have to share is perfect, but it matters more to me that it’s honest & I hope that’s something to others as well somehow.

  2. You are too cute for words. Love that red tie died shirt. Keep doing these, you glowed in it and I loved watching your expressive face…just look at us a little more when you think of it! :)

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