Just Us

A mixed media piece from over the summer.

I’ve had my second day on the job and have come up against the same challenges of every new start I have to work through. I worry and think far too much about simple tasks and end up “thinking” my way out of every opportunity, due to the stress those intense thoughts give me. But I understand better now that this is part of the illness. Right along with the unexplainable fear always running beneath the surface–I just can’t relax.

Anyway, I’m giving this job a week to see how it goes. The first day my team mate and I were basically left to fend for ourselves since our trainer has been sent to another new store for the week. Both of us just deal with the quirks in our equipment, mistakes we make, customers and our inability to really help them since we need such help ourselves…lol We just laugh. I’m trying my best not to take this retail thing so seriously the way I do every task I throw myself into…it’s going to kill me.

Below is a short clip I recorded before actually completing these lyrics. I’ll share the full song soon. By the way, they aren’t about my mother in particular, but I wrote the rest of the lyrics with my extended family in mind regarding something unfortunate that happened that is still impacting everyone involved.


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2 responses to “Just Us

  1. Goosebumps. Beautiful, the painting, your song, performance. I’m glad you have a work buddy to learn the ropes with:)

    • *many hugs* Thank you for being so supportive and listening, Elena. My team mate has honestly been the only thing that’s kept me coming back there- I don’t want to leave her hanging.

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