All Good Things…

Something silly I painted on a piece of brown paper bag earlier this summer.

Of the newer songs I’ve worked on, this one is a favorite. It was the final poem I wrote from a collection stemming from the time at my previous job.

Good Will

Unnoticed and unneeded…
The daily nightmare your fears
Could never dream.

And would your future dare have me
Continue to live as I know not to be?
For one breath – one instance beyond all defeat…
How can hope be worth anymore my belief?

I am the only one left to deceive –
The only one who has not given enough
To keep.

A lot of new paintings and music on the way. No good news as far as finding employment, but I’m still managing to live and tolerate this waiting. Therapy is going very well and I hope for good things once my classes begin next week. 


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2 responses to “All Good Things…

  1. Love your paper bag graffiti and your track!

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