“Trust there is freedom…”

I am right handed and this is a crayon drawing done completely with my left hand. One of those random things on my list of little art challenges. I didn’t know what subject to draw so an eye is my usual default.

Below are photos of the first few, poor pages of the art journal project I mentioned having started. I write at least one decent thing in it everyday while also constructing/designing each page. I meant to bring it to therapy with me today, but didn’t think it was at the point of being presentable enough for me to share with my doctor yet.

The cover…

First two pages…

Clips of page three and four inverted…












Yes, my first entries are cheesy and I feel embarrassed after these last few weeks from what’s now being written, but I had to make a start somehow and this is it. I cut out words from a magazine and used them to make up my own lines- things I hope will help me keep myself alive and out of harms way when I fall into very low moods. It may not work, but for now just having something constructive like this to fill some hours with is just enough.

I hope to have a new song or two to share sometime this weekend.



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2 responses to ““Trust there is freedom…”

  1. No cheese here, just good advice. I’m also impressed with your left hand! Mine is pretty useless. I bet your hands are more adept because you are also a musician…I’m gonna have to try drawing with the left. Thanks Allyson!

    • Wow, I really appreciate your feedback Elena. Believe me, I was surprised with the outcome of the drawing, and with how much I enjoyed the challenge. You’re awesome with experimenting though and I bet any attempt you made would be a joyful surprise as well. Have a great rest of your weekend.

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