Against the Glass

This is a mixed media piece. There’s newspaper shreds, mirror shards, more paper and layers of paint. 

Hits Against Glass

By Sunday I am sick enough
To never need another one.

How to carry over
With usefulness out done?
When tearing is laid to rest as torn?

I am chips of a worn plate
With the cracks of too many
Knives and blades.

We break until we break and
Must always take the pain
A little further past the
Limits of our shame.

The poem here is one of several I wrote as I worked through some of the most difficult days at my last job. I’m making an effort to stay with a more positive outlook by planning new projects that challenge me to be constructive. I recently finished binding a journal and decorating it with the intention of filling it with pages dedicated to good things (quotes, images, poem lines, positive experiences/contributions I make to impact others). So far I’ve been hesitant to write anything just because, as with anything I haven’t done before, I fear messing up an attempt rather than never having tried. But that’s a challenge to break past too and I will.

I’m still jobless and further set back from being able to stand on my own, but I’m trying to change what I can while I still have the mind to.



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4 responses to “Against the Glass

  1. Awesome idea! Attitude is our own, and only we can change it. I challenge you to put an inspirational section on your blog at some point that all of us can read, appreciate and comment on!

    • I hope to get to that point one day where I can have such a section on this blog. I’m definitely enjoying the little journal I’m working on now which I’m looking forward to sharing here soon. Thank you for your words. Please have a great weekend.

  2. Write this Allyson:Many find inspiration in my music, poetry and visual art. In particular there is a person whom I’ve never met who both appreciates what I make and is appreciative of lovely comments that I leave on her blog:) She looks forward to hearing from you. Really.
    Also, go to say that even with collage, your style is evident. Terrific!

    • *hugs* Thank you so much, Elena. It really brings me joy to think the work I share here could be inspiring to others somehow- means very much to me (a little note I’ll add to my new journal). I look forward to the next week and what new ideas will come of it. Have a great weekend :)

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