Leave her…

This is just a portrait I started about three years ago for practice and never cared to finish until recently. Crayon and colored pencil and lots of deep seated lines from all the other drawings I’ve done over this old paper…lol. It’s not perfect but I didn’t want to throw it away. The little song clip below was a quick idea from weeks and weeks ago. My voice sounds strange in this particular recording, but for however bad it is (I think I was very upset during the time) I decided it was the best of an off day and never went back.


This dream allows no one to wake,
No warmth toward this creep of blood
No freedom from this ache.

Step away.
Haven’t you heard? She is done for.

The ruin of world has never risen from her eyes
No matter the passing time.
Let us go, leave her behind.

No matter our love and lies.
Let alone,
Leave her to die.



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