Crayon drawing. Lately I haven’t felt like getting my paints out and dealing with the messes I create. Just need a little more space from it I think. The poem below is from an abandoned idea I had having to do with the 22 tarot cards of the major arcana. I can’t concentrate enough right now to follow through with the project I had in mind, but might return to it some day with greater excitement. There are several new songs/clips I’ve finished and updated here with. The last one is soon on its way.

The Magician

At the mark,
My tools ready and spread.
Expectant, while every sense I own
Prepares its scream
For the moment I force us to proceed.
Preferring to savor the splendid mix of dreams
– To breathe by our mere thoughts of possibility.

Because, as the shadow huddled here
In my collapsed corner of this world
– cruel devastation at my heart and
Every turn of success beaten from its start –
Souls a million ways broken I assure play their part.

The game begins
And we never guess the sacrifice of show.
My talent…my hope beyond hope
– I only pretend, but no one
Ever returns to innocence.

The death and our dying
Never end.



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4 responses to “Expectant

  1. Reblogged this on Rebell Red Arts and commented:
    Just need a little more space from it I think

  2. Love the patterns in your drawing and the poem. The third stanza, my favorite.

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