Of Another Kind.

Crayon drawings from a few months back.

I’m trying to keep steady, but waiting is like a disease now in my mind. Just like something that hurts, will never go away and must be gotten used to and accepted somehow. It’s not just the time passing though, it’s being alone that really turns it bad. Keeping myself safe from my own thoughts. There’s no real rest from it now. Nowhere to go.



Filed under Life

5 responses to “Of Another Kind.

  1. Lovely expressive drawings.
    However bad you may be feeling, there’s clearly something in you that wants to be alive, and express itself. That’s a precious gift.

  2. Your color is so vivid and vibrating with life.

    • Thanks for taking a look. It’s funny when most of the time I try limiting myself to a few colors just to work on how creative I can be with them, I end up grabbing every color from the box though as the idea grows…lol Have a good weekend.

  3. Realy love the flower and the tree, darkness with the chance for beauty behind it.

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