As Written Off- song/video…

Just a poem I wanted to try and perform this time. Took a while to let go of how I might look and focus totally on the actual delivery, but this is as good as it gets…Sorry for the poor quality.

As Written Off

Lines of distress –
The cold blooded crisscross of right and wrong
Brought to an end.

I am proven beyond faith and it’s final fall.

The light lingering
Less and less alive…
Just as written off
As the unheard cry…

Final version below…



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8 responses to “As Written Off- song/video…

  1. Steven

    Ladies and gents, we now have proof she can smile. Even if it was only for a split second. Rather fitting on her.

  2. A wonderful performance! BTW, how you look is really unimportant. People want to see your passion for your work. It’s here and you are lovely.

  3. You are just too cute. Hugs your way!

  4. Oh, BTW, this is my favorite song your have done, love the music, so original. Evanescence re-incarnated. Would love a CD with all your stuff.

    • I’m very grateful for your feedback. Thank you for your time in watching/listening. I’m actually considering performing this song for a few of my family members the next time we get together. I’m just thinking on it now to see if I’d have the nerve to mention it to anyone…lol I’d like not to be afraid anymore to share my music with them.

      • They would be floored. If not, they don’t have any taste in music and they don’t deserve you. But I don’t think you will get a negative response. In fact, maybe they could help you get connected to a community group or church group through their friends or connections.

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