Say it’s over…

Drawn From the Darkness

The painting here started out as just a portrait referencing a cool photo (an Amy Lee stage pic), but the more I worked on it the more I saw the sky/cloud background as necessary–something I had to see through.

Today I went to therapy and spilled most of what’s been going on. We talked and I left feeling as if he’s taken my hand and led me at least several steps away from the edge. I’m considering a trip on my own somewhere, and with the money I’ve saved it’s all at my say as to when.

The clip below is a partial piano cover of a song called “The Change”. I just love the lyrics and wanted to express them in my own way.



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4 responses to “Say it’s over…

  1. L-U-V this. The pic is amazing, the colors are gorgeous, the outline powerful! And I have always loved your tone, rich and poignant. To sing and play is not easy to coordinate, you have spent a lot of time practicing. Have you thought of joining a community choral group? It’s a shame not to share it with a wider audience. Im glad your session helped today and I hope your vacation choice is restful.

    • Thank you, Lorene. I have been looking for a choir to join, but many in my city have extra sight reading requirements / hoops to go through just to audition. I have to be more committed than I am at the moment, but I hope to get there soon.

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