An Ill feeling.

A crayon disaster…

Like always,

You do what you’re told
Always here, always there.

Like always,

You have nowhere else –
No will to follow

And the rest of what you are left as
Will not let go.

Just warming up. I hate the way I look when I’m singing…lol Sorry for looking so awful here, btw. It’s a day after I’d given my notice at the bakery. I’d just finished up with looking online for other jobs…

I drove to pick up my last check there this morning and was surprised to see someone else was already being trained at part of all that I was doing. No one else said hello to me or goodbye on my way out. All of that’s okay though. If the new chick stays three months, after surely having some kind of confrontation/words with the owner and being trapped in a number of overwhelming situations, they might have a good one to keep.

It’s going to take time to stop feeling like a tossed piece of trash, but I know now it wasn’t a mistake to remove myself from the situation. I was very unappreciated and feel more pity than anything for the one replacing me. From all of this though, I’m drifting without much will or direction. I’m sad to see the end of a situation not equal the end of my time here all together honestly– that I’ll have to start over and things may be worse than what I just got away from.




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3 responses to “An Ill feeling.

  1. Allyson Marie, I had no idea how lovely you are! And, smart and talented. And I don’t flatter. Sincerely.

  2. Sounds like the bakery job was pretty low both mentally and psychologically. It just wasn’t your “fit”. Finding the right job does not often land in your lap. My husband hasn’t found the perfect fit since getting out of college, and that was 20 years ago. But I doubt that you could go to much worse, and I am hoping for a brighter future for you Allyson.

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