Some left over sketches.

I gave my two weeks’ notice to the bakery today. Typed and signed. I said they should call me in advance within that time if I’m needed (otherwise I won’t be showing up at all). I left in the seventh hour, just as I was once again being pulled from one task before it was complete to do something else. I got angry in that instance and after beginning the task I was asked to do, I quietly and calmly took a breath – put down my tools, clocked myself out and left.

They’ve pulled me here and there like a frayed elastic band for over six months and today I’d had enough. I might crash and burn in the coming days, completely starve the rest of what’s still alive within, but right now I’m feeling the relief of a clean escape. ”Clean” as in I have no regret and no shame.

Whatever it is we’re all supposed to do with our lives at my age- be damned. It hasn’t worked for me and won’t. If that means I’m going to lose and gain nothing, at least it will be my own way.


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4 responses to “Knit

  1. we do what we are able to do without strangling anyone, i guess. congrats on the clean break. best wishes on something wonderful. i’ve been frustrated in my work course bc of my situation, but increasingly i see that the so-called simple things are the most satisfactory ones — love, peace, patience. those things can be cultivated in any setting, as long as our manager doesn’t ride us like a drill srgt. again: good for you.

    • I appreciate your understanding. Six months may be all I can give any job it seems, but hopefully I’ll still be around to take up the next chance and prove that wrong. Have a great weekend.

  2. Wonderful drawings, especially the first. I love the way you phrased “clean escape”. I know just what you mean. I hope only good things for your next step.

    • I’m happy you like them, thank you. They are from a period of weeks where I attempted to do a sketch a day. It was fun while it lasted. I appreciate the hope you’ve shared with me for the future.

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