Step Forward

My last drawing of 2012- crayon.

Better Than

How cruel, if you lie…
To show me light –
To pour in the sky the way you do,
Lifting me high, so high…

We have to hope and I’ve promised you
Always I try
I sit tight with a brokenness inside
And wait until it’s safe to open my eyes
And believe the good won’t be
Taken from me this time…

And yet is it ever better than
What I’ve seen before?
It’s hard to trust I belong beyond
Any open door
So hard to trust I belong here…

I’m just beginning to understand that as much as I crave change, it has always been difficult for me to cope with. It may always be something I fear, but I won’t deny it is what will continue growth. No matter how difficult things become, wisdom is collected even when I can’t possibly consider it. Something to keep a bit of faith in I guess. As if we never completely let ourselves down.



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6 responses to “Step Forward

  1. Wishing you strength and self kindness. I understand about needing to feel safe; just posted a music video on that aspiration. May you be happy.

  2. Beautiful colors. I have some difficulty understanding abstract art. All I “know” of it is that it is meant to be whatever is meaningful to me. But the artist has a purpose in creating it, hidden from the viewer. I believe this is the same about life. You don’t understand why you are here. My belief says that God is our creator and that we are all initially an abstract painting. Over time, if you grow to know God and allow Him to mold you, you will become the person He meant you to be. We all have a purpose in life. Starting that purpose is to get to know Him. He has created you with amazing talents. You have been given gifts that most people do not, and I love looking at your posts to see what these talents have moved you to share with us. Trust in people will only lead you to despair. Trust in God is the only constant. He will never leave or forsake you. Sorry so long, I feel your pain and despair. I just wanted to share what is my hope and joy despite my multiple illnesses and trials. Bless you.

  3. You’re not alone with the change thing. LOVE all the work!

  4. Listening to the song while gazing at the drawing has an extremely powerful and moving effect. You are an extremely talented artist, keep on churning out these great works.

    • It means very much to me you’d take time to listen/view, Brian. Just when I think there’s nothing left to be done, another piece comes together. Thank you for sharing your comments with me. I’m grateful.

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