An early sketch of a painting.
Sometimes I take step by step photos of certain pieces I work on.
This was a first shot.

I haven’t had such a good holiday break in a long time. I don’t celebrate Christmas, but today I got so much done and feel in control again, at least for the moment. I changed my room around, put up new art and reorganized/threw out a lot of things. It feels good to let go and make certain decisions, even if it’s just over small things like how to deal with personal objects. It’s a start and something that I think helps in building my strength to then move onto the bigger problems and decisions that must be made. I’m trying to start over. It’s time to.

I have updated my Art & Photos page with several new photo slides. Finally getting around to sharing photos I’ve had for years.



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3 responses to “Emergence

  1. Yeah! So glad you had a productive day! PLEASE come and help me organize my house, while you are in the cleaning mood… :) I live with 3 pack rats and everywhere I look is disaster upon disaster. A daily nightmare to someone needing a little organization. My day was frantic, I almost started a fire (forgot to put the water in the pot and put the stove on high). When I am distracted with too much my attention to detail goes screaming into the wind. And my computer is whacked. But I am warm and dry and my dinner was not a disaster. So gratitude is what I shall sleep on tonight. A holiday hug and bright thoughts from me to you.

  2. I’m glad you had a good holiday. It seemed particularly dreary this year (maybe it’s the weather here), but then when it came, things were much better than expected. Everyone was just very…nice…which I guess I’m not used to.

    Starting over, even just symbolically can really put things into perspective. I took a look at your new slideshow—amazing work as always. I remember some of the older ones, and it was nice to see some others as well. That one with the skeleton with that beady red eye…I always remember it. It’s really haunting for some reason.

    Anyway, I hope things continue to feel a little better. I never stopped reading your blog. :)

  3. Intriguing new piece! Great post:)

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