For Every Piece


In need of another heart
Another hearing –
A moment to scream and to weep
For how little you’ve ever been able to keep

There is more to this longing and grief…
And far we do reach, but it’s for much more than
A taste of the sweet in our dreams
It’s for every piece broken up and lost to us within

Where no one sees
And in truth, for all that has gone missing,
We never dare let ourselves believe
It is so.

But go further now, beyond your wants –
Witness your light of soul
Further now, allow yourself to feel it all, be hurt
As there soon will be a time to recognize your worth

Your greatest worth…
From the love you’ve given,
The love you are and have all your life


These are lyrics I wrote in an attempt to write a song with someone I’d briefly spoken with online. They started out with lines leaning toward a love song, which I’ve never been comfortable with, but I tried anyway with my own bend to the ideas thrown out. I’ll probably never get around to figuring this one out musically, but it is something I hope for. Along with actually believing these words one day. Owning them as I can’t right now. I’m not doing very well.



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2 responses to “For Every Piece

  1. Love equals vulnerability. Vulnerability leads to victimization. So you have to be willing to be hurt to get a chance to connect in a deep way with someone. I hope that someday these words will profoundly affect you. May your day tomorrow be filled with peace, for that is what you really need right now.

  2. Love, love, love this drawing!

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