On Your Behalf

On Your Behalf

On Your Behalf

Newest painting, took forever with how many hours I’ve been spending at work over the last month, but it’s done finally. I didn’t want to rush and mess up the idea I had, and as usual, the black outline was the most tedious part- being last. Anyway, I have another sketch ready for color, it’s just a matter of having the energy to pay attention to it right now.

Today was supposed to be my last day at the bakery, but after I’d made my little announcement I was approached at the end of the next day and told they didn’t want to see me go. I agreed to continue on working with them, but only part time. The work is not excruciating, but it’s still not for me. At least the misery will be tolerable again- I’ll sustain longer if not until I find something better. That’s my hope at least.

Below is a recent song, but all the most recent ones are already on the music page I updated. It will be a relief to have time again with my piano. I do miss playing. http://official.fm/tracks/HECa


To you I’ve given up. I’ve given in
Though I promised this could never ever hurt me enough
To you I’ve given up.

Somewhere beyond hopeless doubt and fear I’ve run
But you know me, round and round we go
For every break through- high and low-
You’ve chosen to follow

I don’t want to be wanted this way.
I settle – I ache – I satisfy all that you crave
You claim my life…the very breath of my blood,
And I’ve forgotten who I was before you, before your love

Before everything I’ve done,
Everything I’ve become



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8 responses to “On Your Behalf

  1. I love the painting and the song. I do hope you have a peaceful weekend.

  2. Steven

    Favorite painting you’ve done so far.

  3. Such vivid color -the image and song!

  4. great painting, looks like it was worth all the time for the black outline

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