Leave Me Broken Through

Oh Really?
A water colored sketch- something new finally)

I had a very helpful session this afternoon. A lot was mentioned about what happened at work with the owner and her disrespect at my disagreeing with her over something. She shouldn’t have asked my opinion at all and now I’m sure in what I think of who she is. And my doctor assured that my “skin is thick enough” when I said how others always say I should just toughen up- that this is just how it goes and on and on. I didn’t hit her and I didn’t quit after all. The bottom line is I have a right to be angry and not feel wrong for how I feel. And others shouldn’t shoot me down for it either. I will own this and grow from it.

The song below is something different. I did about three recordings and picked the very first of the bunch to share as it unexpectedly got my idea across the best.

Final Say

I may have fallen
I might be displaced
And yes, for a moment
I may have shifted my gaze

But make no mistake
This is my game.
It goes my way,
I always have the final say.

And for all you do, honey…
The blood stain and scar-
The given breath you are-
Take it too far

This time I want the truth
My only rule, honey…
Make sure you leave me
Broken through



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3 responses to “Leave Me Broken Through

  1. great work. and probably don’t hit your boss unless they REALLY suck!

  2. Your art is just breathtaking. Any time I come to this site I am just amazed at it’s artistry. I dont know if you want to connect with others, but I recently found some sites that I think you will love. Check out My Life Disconnected–as amazing, artistic and tortured as yours. Also, Memoirs of a Dragon is just fascinating, if you want pure beauty.

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