Over all else…

By Hope

The eyes peel.
I leave them alone
Waiting – watching the
Future get old

The cracked lines and spoiled haze
Embitter your light

And here, on my side…
We’ve all been forced to fold

To forget that our story
Was neither written
Nor told.


I set aside every project of my own this week and worked as many hours as I could, at a job that would take every last minute of time awoke to actually make enough to feel like I’m getting somewhere better. There isn’t any middle road it seems. I can’t have it both ways where I can have time for my art and work to save money. It has to be one or the other. And I feel forced into this, without any option but to sacrifice the few things that do make me happy for something that only depletes my will to live.

Given one more day alive doing what I love beats another 20 or30 years working for cash that is always already spent.


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2 responses to “Over all else…

  1. Beautiful poem and image. Yes, making a living frankly sucks. But, you are always an artist. Make as much time as you can-lunchtime, just before bed -to make a little art.

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