The one I’m supposed to love…

A recent photo at sunrise and a self-portrait. Below is a song with more personal meaning from what it may appear to be about. A lot of time was spent just reflecting and I wrote what I felt.

We Are Distant

My dear, my love
Or the one I’m supposed to love
The one I don’t know enough

What have I done? What have I let happen?

When you reach I don’t feel you near me
I don’t see you crying
I don’t hear you bleed
I don’t hear you in me

We are distant,
But I would never forget the reason
How far we’ve gone
And what we have become

I would never forget the reason
My dear, my love



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3 responses to “The one I’m supposed to love…

  1. That shot is gorgeous, so too your portrait! You look very similar to an aunty of mine in it.

    The lyrics, vocal melodies & chords used in the track are all a perfect fit. I really love what you’ve written, another track of yours to add to my favorites

  2. Beautiful! You, your music and your photo.

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